Priya Hays has been working as a Lecturer at San Francisco State University

Posted by Admin | May 17th, 2013

Priya Hays worked from October 2012 until April of 2013 at Affymetrix, Inc., which is a company based out of Santa Clara, California. She worked on a contractual basis as a Senior Technical Writer. She was trusted with writing technical documentation for Affymetrix Inc.’s various product launches. Since September of 2012, Priya Hays has been working as a Lecturer at San Francisco State University, which is based in the Bay Area. In this position, Priya Hays was charged with teaching graduate writing in the science to graduate students based out of the College of Engineering and Science. Her most recently published book is Science, Cultural Values, and Ethics: A Unique Ethnography of the Laboratory, Science in Society, published by Common Ground Publishing in April of 2013. She currently has a manuscript being prepared for publication which is under consideration by a major university’s publishing press. The title of this book is The Revival of Biomedicine and How it Will Shape the U.S. Economy.

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